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Water Brings Life to Asotin County


Timber Trestle Supporting Wooden Flume

The water system that serves Asotin County and the City of Clarkston had a significant beginning in the late 1800s having been designed, promoted and financed by important citizens of the day. The “big ditch” which in the summer of 1896, brought the first stream of vitalizing liquid to the city of Clarkston and Asotin County then called Jawbone Flat) was the vision of such foresighted men as C.C. Van Arsdol, E.H. Libby, and Charles Francis Adams.

Cassius C. VanArsdol, the engineer, was later known nationally as “the foremost railway pathfinder on the American continent…

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Alpowa Creek – Riparian Protection and Restoration Benefits




  • 1500 Scenic Way
  • | PO Box 605 | Clarkston, WA