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Billing Information

Beginning Your Service

When installing a new service or assuming an existing one, arrangements will need to be made with the PUD in order to begin your service. In most instances, when setting up your account, a one hundred ($100) dollar deposit will be required. This deposit will be held by the PUD and returned in full when your account has had no delinquent notices for a twelve (12) month period or you end service with the PUD. When you end service with the PUD your final billing will be taken out of your deposit and the remainder (if any) returned to you. Upon requesting and payment for a new service installation, the PUD requires 7 to 10 working days to install your service and meter. The PUD is responsible for extending service from our main line to the meter box and meter. Customers are responsible for installation of service from the meter to the house.


The PUD mails bills throughout the month. Your meter is read on or about the same day every month. When you receive your first bill, note the day and you will receive your next bill on or about that date the next month. Payment on your bill is due and payable within thirty (30) days of the billing date. The billing becomes past due and delinquent on the thirty-first (31st) day following the date of billing. Bills are sent out on the same day they are generated. Depending on your mail service, they should arrive the next day. Payments may be made by mail or brought into our office during business hours. The District accepts cash, check and money orders. If you are paying by check, we have a payment drop box located by our Flag Pole near the front of our building. The drop box is emptied every morning, Monday thru Friday. Payments may also be made at the following locations: Wasem's Drugs located in downtown Clarkston at 800 6th Street and the Clarkston Heights Pharmacy located at the corner of Appleside Blvd. and 5th Avenue, 2119 5th Avenue.

Your Meter and Meter Readings

Your billing statements are based on readings taken monthly by our Meter Reader. Your statement reflects the current months meter reading less the previous months meter reading. It is important that meters be accessible. The meter should not be blocked by bushes, trees, porches and decks or stored items. If your meter is located inside a fenced yard where there are protective dogs or there are other situations making meter reading difficult, arrangements should be made with our office for monthly access by our meter readers. A condition of receiving water services from the PUD is the right of access to the meter for reading, maintenance or repair of any facilities which are part of the water system of the District. The meter and the contents of the meter box remain the property of the PUD.

Budget Billing

Through the year your water bill may fluctuate, depending on the amount of water you use. During the summer months bills are usually higher than in the fall and winter months. With our Budget Billing Plan you can pay a little more during the winter months and build a reserve to carry you through the summer months. Budget Billing makes it easier to plan your monthly budget, as it spreads or budgets your annual cost. Customers, with a twelve month consumption history, may sign up for the Budget Billing by contacting our office.

Budget Billing accounts will be audited/recalculated once a year and customers will be notified of any changes to their payment amount.

Credit & Collections

Please notify our office immediately if you are having difficulty paying your water bill or you have special circumstances. We can respond more quickly and helpfully knowing your situation and needs. You are notified that your bill is delinquent if a bill is not paid within thirty (30) days of the billing date. A delinquent notice will be sent to you at this time giving you fifteen (15) days to pay the bill in full. Your service will be subject to disconnection if you do not make satisfactory payment arrangements or do not pay your bill within the fifteen (15) days. Whenever water service has been terminated, the District will not restore water service until the delinquent account balance and a reconnection fee has been paid. For water service restored during regular business hours the reconnection fee is $50.00. For water service restored after regular working hours or on weekends and holidays the reconnection fee is $75.00.

Moving & Ending Service

A customer who will be moving and will no longer be responsible for payment of water service will be responsible for notifying the PUD as to the effective date. The PUD prefers to schedule a final meter read for your closing bill. You should not rely on a future tenant assuming the Utility Service. Should service continue in your name, you would be responsible for the water used. Please be prepared to provide a forwarding address for the final bill.

Asotin County PUD does not lien properties, delinquent water bill balances follow the customer not the property and will be sent to collection after 90 days of non payment.

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